Bling's BAYC Roadmap & Utility

Welcome to Bling's Boarding Apes Yard Club (BAYC), where innovation meets opportunity

BAYC isn’t just another collection of NFTs – it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities, where ownership extends beyond mere aesthetics to encompass governance rights, shared sales commissions, and a unique rental opportunity.

Here's what sets BAYC apart:

Governance Rights: As a proud owner of a BAYC ape avatar, you're not just a passive participant – you're a valued member of our community with a voice in shaping the future of our Metaverse Ecosystem. Exercise your governance rights to influence decisions, propose initiatives, and contribute to the collective vision of BAYC.

Commissions & Profit Shares: We are thrilled to offer the lucky 127 NFT Ape holders with named avatars a generous 10% split sales commission on all BAYC merchandise that will be sold in our current on-line store and in Bling's BAYC Metaverse Experience. That's right 10% of every BAYC merchandise item sold will be put into a separate account designated for the limited 127 holders with named apes.  Not only that, any other transactions related to the BAYC in the metaverse will also earn them a 10% profit share. This is simply amazing because every transaction within our Metaverse Skatepark generates revenue, and as a BAYC owner, you'll receive a share of each transaction, providing a steady stream of passive income that grows alongside our platform.

Rental Opportunities: Apes run the show at Bling's, so get ready to monetize your NFT in this bustling metaverse experience! BAYC owners have the exclusive opportunity to rent out their apes for use in general skating, virtual events, and exhibitions. Whether it's showcasing your unique avatar in the spotlight, renting it out to non BAYC members for skating or collaborating with brands for promotional campaigns, owning an ape opens doors to lucrative earning potential.

So, seize the opportunity and join the ranks of forward-thinking individuals who are pioneering the next chapter of digital innovation with BAYC.

Your journey begins here –