Bling's BAYC Project Timeline

Phase 1: Pre-Launch Preparation (Timeline: June 2024)

Final Preparations for Live Launch

    • Finalize Smart Contracts: Ensure all smart contracts are thoroughly tested and audited.
    • Minting Platform: Ensure the Shib CoOp Launchpad is fully functional and ready for the minting process.
    • Marketing Blitz: Intensify marketing efforts, including social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and email newsletters to create last-minute hype.

Phase 2: NFT Live Launch- (Timeline: June 23, 2024)

  1. Public Minting Event
    • Live Launch on The Shib ReCap Show: Live launch event on The Shib ReCap Show via Twitter Spaces on X, providing a platform for the community to mint their NFTs. 06/23/24 @ 7:30PM EST
    • Minting Process: Ensure a smooth and secure minting process on the Shib CoOp Launchpad, with real-time support available for any issues.

Phase 3: Utility Activation and Initial Metaverse Launch (Timeline: Q1 2025)

  1. In-Store Commission Activation
    • Earnings Dashboard: Launch the dashboard where NFT holders can track their sales commissions from Bling’s store.
    • Build BAYC skate and apparel line
  2. Skatepark Metaverse Beta Launch
    • Beta Access: Provide early access to NFT holders to explore and interact in the Metaverse.
    • Feedback Collection: Collect feedback from beta testers to identify and fix any issues before the full launch.
  3. Community Events
    • Virtual Meetups: Organize virtual meetups and events within the metaverse to build a sense of community.
    • Staking Information Sessions: Educate the community about the upcoming staking mechanism and profit shares.

Phase 4: Full Metaverse Integration/Staking/Land Purchase (Timeline: Q2 2025)

  1. Metaverse
    • Complete Feature Rollout: Launch planned features of Bling's Skatepark Metaverse, including interactive elements, social spaces, and exclusive areas for NFT holders.
    • Metaverse Events: Host launch events and activities to attract users and generate excitement.
  2. Staking Platform Launch
    • Staking Mechanics: Launch the staking platform where NFT holders can stake their NFTs.
    • Profit Share Distribution: Create online portal to track metaverse profit shares
  3. Purchase Metaverse Land
    • Identify and Acquire Land: Acquire more land plots in Shib The Metaverse. Research and purchase virtual real estate within other established metaverse platforms (e.g., Decentraland, The Sandbox).
    • Initial Development: Start the initial development of the skatepark on the acquired land, focusing on core features and aesthetics.
  4. Ongoing Community Engagement
    • Regular Updates: Provide regular updates on new features, events, and developments.
    • Competitions and Challenges: Organize competitions and challenges within the metaverse to keep the community engaged.

Phase 5: Expansion and Skatepark Development (Timeline: 2025 and Beyond)

  1. Continuous Content Development
    • New Features and Mini-Games: Continuously develop and release new features, mini-games, and content for the Skatepark Metaverse.
    • Seasonal Events: Plan and host seasonal events to maintain engagement.
  2. Skatepark Development
    • Advanced Features: Add advanced features and functionalities to the skatepark, such as interactive ramps, obstacle courses, and social hubs.
    • Community Spaces: Develop community spaces for virtual gatherings, events, and collaborations.
    • Branded Zones: Introduce branded zones and partnerships within the skatepark to enhance user experience and create new revenue streams.
  3. Partnerships and Collaborations
    • Cross-Project Collaborations: Form partnerships with other NFT projects and brands to expand the ecosystem.
    • Brand Collaborations: Explore opportunities for branded events and in-metaverse advertisements.
  4. Community-Governed Growth
    • DAO Implementation: Implement a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model to allow NFT holders to vote on future developments and decisions.
    • Community Feedback Loops: Maintain strong feedback loops with the community to ensure their voices are heard and valued.
  5. Sustainability and Long-Term Vision
    • Revenue Streams: Explore additional revenue streams to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.
    • Metaverse Expansion: Plan for potential expansion of the metaverse, introducing new zones and experiences.

** All dates are subject to change